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Electrician, welcome to Denmark!

Electricians working at Danish working places have a number of rights that are laid down in collective agreements. If you work for a company, which is covered by a collective agreement, you have the same rights as your Danish colleagues. If the company does not have a collective agreement the officers from the Danish Union of Electricians will negotiate a collective agreement as soon as possible.

Who are we?

We are the trade union for electricians working in Denmark. Therefore we know about the salary and the conditions, you should have while working in Denmark. We negotiate the collective agreements for electricians and cooperate with the employers’ organizations Tekniq Arbejdsgiverne and the Confederation of Danish Industry. 

Most Danes are members of an unemployment fund, which will ensure an income in the case of unemployment. You can also become a member of The Electricians Unemployment Fund when you contact the Danish Union for Electricians.

Check up on your collective agreement