Coronavirus – other languages

    See what to do if your everyday life is affected by the coronavirus.

    Denmark is in a serious situation due to coronavirus. It also affects the members and the employees of the Danish Union of Electricians. In the coming weeks, we will do everything we can to keep both the local branch offices, the federal building in Copenhagen and our independent unemployment insurance fund open. However, we appeal that you only contact us by phone or by Min side (My page).

    There will be slightly longer response times, since our employees also have to follow the guidelines from the authorities.

    You will probably have some questions, like many other colleagues. We encourage you to get informed here on the website and via the links listed here.

    You must follow the instructions provided by your company. This can give rise to disagreements. If so, they must be dealt with as a industrial disputes procedure.

    Information and guides to prevent coronavirus infection available in 6 different languages: English, Deutsch, Polski, Lietuvis, Română, and Italiano:

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